it's VUNK Spring '17!

New season, new website, new vibes! Yes, we have been running an accelerator programme for two years with great success and seen so many corporates in our region picking up the good practices and getting involved in the startup ecosystem. The Vunk model is also being tried out in Telia Denmark, so we are super excited for that as well. Now you are welcome to explore our fresh new website and see if you would love to collaborate with us, because we have the resources and resolve to get together and accelerate both businesses - yours and ours!

More on the areas we explore and where we envision working with startups will follow in few days time. Until then, check out the new site and if your startup is willing to take on the challenge, let's get in touch via f6s.

Why should start-ups from all over Europe apply to VUNK Autumn Programme in Estonia?

This spring a Portuguese start-up Helppier applied to VUNK collaboration programme. In short Helppier is a walkthrough service to create interactive tutorials and tooltips in seconds. Here is their Customer Happiness Manager's Ricardo Pereira's take on co-operation with VUNK & Telia.

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VUNK Open Call for Collaboration Autumn Edition

Being a Telia Estonia startup lab, Vunk has helped companies partner with Telia to improve their offering and get access to the market. Vunk ran an accelerator for 2 years and pivoted to Collaboration framework this Spring.

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State of the Art e-Commerce

e-Commerce to us is also anything and everything transactional and dynamic – it is about enabling our customers to complete purchases, subscriptions, manage their services and get help to their questions in our digital channels just as they do in our stores – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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Tackling SmartCities and Digitalization

IoT for Telia has become the cornerstone for innovation. It is now time transform it into a more concrete framework, where there are more opportunities for partnerships. At VUNK, we look for companies offering state-of-the-art IoT services, are intelligently tackling SmartCity problems and offering value to their SME and B2B clients.
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