VUNK Garage48 Hackathon conclusion

On Friday, 9 September, the SpaceX event center in Ülemiste City welcomed 110 enterprising people who chose a team and an idea to work on over the weekend.

While Friday night was spent pitching ideas, the next 48 hours would see the best of them being turned into functioning prototypes. When the finale began on Sunday night, everyone could witness the prototypes that the teams were able to build and hear about the aspirations they set for themselves.

The VUNK Hackathon engaged 18 teams with approx. 110 people from Friday to Sunday. After adding the organisers, mentors (from Estonia, Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania), partners, and volunteers, the total head count reached approx. 180.

The Hackathon was the starting point for VUNK’s main program. We selected nine teams who will continue through the team validation phase to revise the teams’ strengths and commercial ambitions.

All this means that we can expect to see approx. 40 people at the VUNK Hub every Tuesday! 

The teams selected for the next phase:

Holme Care

A platform to connect caregivers and customers.

Skynda the Audience Favourite

Finding and buying a decent used car is currently a slow and complicated process but will solve this problem.

ATM (decided not to participate in the next phase)

A location-based app for events taking place real-time.


An online service that will make selecting a name for your product, service or startup easy and reliable. It is designed to give companies expanding to foreign markets confidence that their name is linguistically and culturally appropriate.


An augmented reality solution for online stores. This solution takes objects on sale online and allows you to view them their actual after-purchase environment.


A platform that transforms people endorsing a service into a sales team for that service.

HypeSilo – the Winner of the Best B2B Idea Award

HypeSilo is a bot solution that can generate automatic replies to requests, questions and remarks coming from social media sources. It is especially efficient in crisis situations.

MovePrep – selected also to the Ajujaht TOP 30

MovePrep brokers homes for foreign employees on the move by making prior arrangements with landlords and making the whole process convenient and easy for the tenant.


CADirect is a software platform that makes the CAD workflow more efficient by integrating the manufacturers’ databases directly into the CAD workflow.

Prototron also included Grifters Wallet and PostPal Push in their TOP 40. 

Also two thumbs up to all the teams that did not make it to Team Validation, but we'll be around so keep on pursuing & let's meet in the future!

team: ProofofYou

team: Backpack Chat

team: WiseDeal

team: FoodCip

team: Virtual Alias

team: BiteBite

team: Gimme

Photos from Days 1 and 2 can be found herePhotos from the day of the finale can be found here. Photo credit to talented Maido Parv!

If you would like to see the live recordings just go here.

And last but not least special thanks to all the mentors, volunteers & partners that made it happen: Garage48, Startup Wise Guys, Elamusstuudio, Event Catering, RGB, MindSpaceX, Ülemiste City!

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