Meet VUNK TOP team: FeelingStream

In an alphabetical order get to know #GetVunked2015 team No. Three - FeelingStream & team lead Terje Ennomäe. They truly believe in taking customer relations management to the next and greatly automated level, so that one day all customers become happy customers. And of course the team - PhD levels are through the roof!

Terje, what entrepreneurs do you personally admire and why?

I’m fond of companies who constantly look for ways to disrupt existing solutions. Something like Skype did with changing the whole telecom business.

Globally, I keep my eyes on Medallia, a US company that operates in the same field we have started in. Medallia is committed to and supports other companies with solutions that have never existed before. With technology, they help companies understand their customers better and make better offers, better products, better everything. The outcome – everyone loves happy customers.

At the local level, Fleep is a startup that is always in my mind. Partly, because they’re Estonian, doing a cool thing but most importantly, they always take this extra step to make their customers happy. They always ask, what customers want, and then deliver it.

When speaking about individuals, we can’t go past Sir Richard Branson. It’s definitely a first to see such a high level business man genuinely caring about his customers. Honestly, I’m glad and it shows us support that a man of such calibre thinks a lot like us. Our motto at FeelingStream is to do stuff, not only talk about it. Sir Branson agrees and says: “You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

Your team and its culture?

Our team defines our culture. The foundation of our dynamics is open communication with each other, teamwork and the will to think yourself, not fulfill orders from others. Every team member solves issues that help our startup live from today to tomorrow. Even though we are a young team and are still constantly learning to be together, VUNK hackathon showed a little something about us. It showed how we can validate our ideas and organize and reorganize our actions and decisions based on the will of the customer.

We know and acknowledge that success doesn’t come easily. We might fall down, take some steps backwards, too many to the left or to the right. What matters most is that we get back on the right track and never stop changing.

What does success look like for your company?

Success is when you feel that you have accomplished something that is making people happy. It consists of 4 ingredients: a bunch of crazy ideas, a batch of new technology, a bundle of smart people, and a stack of assets. At the moment, FeelingStream’s success means having a greater vision, with lots of work to do, with pairs of bright eyes and hands and minds who want to accomplish great things.

What will your market look like in five years as a result of using your product or service?

The market moves in two directions. Firstly, today customer experience is handled in a few companies only. Of course everyone wants to offer great service to customers but there’s only a few, who use technology and analytics to do it. In five years, most companies want to use technology to manage customer experience and FeelingStream will be a valuable partner for them. Secondly, everything the customer is doing – photos, videos, web visits, mobile visits, communication through apps etc. – is felt, analysed, and business decisions are based on these analytics. Every customer is important, because the customer is the one who chooses the company, not vice versa. FeelingStream is the one who helps keep the customers with the company and make them happy.

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