Meet VunkAlumni16 team: Nimi

As a second time founder Kirill Soloviev knows what it take to make it. So you can see the drive with what he is working and motivating also the Nimi team to go through validations to see if they will make it. Stay tuned and see what he has to say meanwhile!

What entrepreneurs do you admire and why?

  • Elon Musk (not unlike Christof from CADirect!). I'm inspired by his grand visions of future (across multiple different industries), and by his unstoppable willpower & focus that will definitely make at least some of his visions a reality during our lifetimes.
  • Phil Libin of Evernote. I really like his notions of building products that people love, and of delivering MORE value to your users over time.
  • Jeff Bezos of Amazon. I admire how he's managed to build & scale a very strong corporate culture across multiple geographies.

Tell about your team dynamics.

As a team who's only met at an hackathon, we had our ups and downs. We had team members hesitate & leave - which can easily make a founder doubt whether everything is progressing well. However, instead of being paralysed by that, we've learnt to embrace it! 

Being lean is an important part of our philosophy, and we've found out that we can move quickly and achieve a lot without having 10 members on board. We communicate frequently and openly, and use our small size and diverse backgrounds for our advantage.

Your key learning so far doing the startup:

Never be afraid to try things. Trying & doing is much better than thinking & never acting. It's the only way to get feedback from the world outside of your head - and that's exactly where ALL of your customers live!

What does success look like for your startup?

In 2016, more and more companies are being founded each day. As a second-time startup founder, I know it's incredibly hard to take a new business off the ground.

We want to increase the chances of success for all those startups - by helping them tame the arcane art of naming. Names have always held a lot of power over people. In ancient times, they have been given in sacred rituals. Now, business names are the first touchpoint between brands and potential customers. And with the global competition booming across the world, names are becoming a very important tool to differentiate, to evoke emotions, and to build trust.

If we can make each entrepreneur on this planet aware of how names can positively (or negatively!) influence their business and brand, and help at least half of them avoid making stupid mistakes, I'd be happy!

Nimi helps businesses choose a name that works great across the globe. We test your name in 20+ countries with our global community to save you from fails!

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