IoT Challenge 2016

VUNK IoT Challenge is a program organized by Telia together with Iglu, Trinidad Consulting, Elevaator, StartupWiseGuys, Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu, TechLink and British Embassy in Tallinn targeted specifically to find new IoT applications using Telia's existing infrastructure/API’s, partners and our know-how.

Main elements of the programme are Idea Hunts to scout and develop ideas which will be followed by deep-dive work for selected teams/ideas. 

So just bring your idea, join ideas that are presented or come up with one on the spot & join the quest!

Whom we welcome to take part?

Entrepreneurs with ideas, seed or early-stage startups.
People who are willing to find ideas and join in in developing other ideas further.

So if you get a kick out of IOT, M2M or similar kind of tech area you are warmly welcomed to take part!

What do you get?

Access to 1M devices

Build your IoT business on top of 1 million devices by getting access to Telia's APIs (infrastructure) and end-user services.

Development resource
Prove that your idea and business have impact and in return we´ll provide resources to develop your product.

Market access

Get customer insights and access to Telia’s
marketing and sales channels

Get access to industry experts, business mentors and

Tech solutions by us to inspire you

 Support systems

  • Authentication - We can authenticate any mobile user’s phone number (via call, MID etc) and present it to Service Providers (SP). SP’s can then add it to a user profile for billing or other services. 
  • Billing – Customer payments added to his/hers telco bill.

Manage & get info from your devices

  • Router – See who is at home (via mobile, WiFi), data from internal internet, manage data usage at home (enable and disable access to web etc).
  • TV – Change channels, get info on what is screening, pop-ups to screen etc.
  • Smart home – Get data and/or manage home appliances

Manage & get info from network

  • Positioning - This makes it possible to request mobile positioning with default access based on the mobile numbers of your Telia account or via a request-accept permission system. In addition, this can be used with any device that has an active SIM card (e.g. modem, controller, etc.).
  • Mobile data – how a person is using data, how much is left / how much is used
  • Voice – Use all solutions enabled by IVR (Interactive voice response)
  • Broadband data – Use data and/or manage from broadband network usage

& much more from our portfolio 

What will happen & when?

The Idea Hunts are 2-3 hour free of charge workshops organised by VUNK (Telia) in partnership with Iglu, Trinidad, Elevaator, StartupWiseGuys, Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu, TechLink in co-operation with British Embassy in Tallinn.

Come and test out your idea, learn to pitch and attract interested counterparts, meet mentors and other entrepreneurs. No prototypes are built or (developed further) at this stage.

Places are limited, so make sure you register as soon as possible!

Schedule for the Idea Hunts:

09th of February, 18.00-20.00 @ Kultuurikatel in Tallinn
18th of February, 16.00-18.00 @ TBD in Tallinn
NEW DATE! 9th of March, 15.00-17.00 @ Ülikooli 17 in Tartu (Paabeli maja)