Program and timeline

VUNK Accelerator program is designed to help startups reach their next milestone, be it idea validation, product-market fit or product launch. Learn more about our 2015 program and get ready for 2016.
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Idea Garage

18 June / 13 Aug / 27 Aug 2015

Define and validate your idea with the help of business and industry mentors.

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VUNK Garage48 Telecom

28-30 Aug 2015

Pitch your idea to an audience and build a working prototype during a 48h hackathon.

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Team Validation

September 2015

Validate your team and product and work on your business model with the help of mentors.

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VUNK Accelerator Program

October 2015

Get funding and work with Telia to get your product to market.

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Demo Day

29 October 2015

Pitch to investors and partners to access further funding and create valuable partnerships.

VUNK Accelerator 2016 program is in preparation and will be launched in MAY 2016. We’re looking for founders with innovative ideas that can wow customers and change the telecom industry, for the better. Interested to join our next batch? Enter your e-mail and be the first to know about our next program.